Parish Rhythms

Prayer Groups

We often refer to prayer as the furnace of the church. Come stoke the fire with us each week at one of these prayer groups. Rising early to pray with others gives us all an opportunity to hear from God—and you'll get to know people's true hearts, as we come before God with our praise, requests and intercession.

Men's Prayer Groups on Tuesday and Thursday mornings
Women's Prayer Groups on Monday and Thursday mornings
Pre-service Prayer Sundays before Worship Gathering
See calendar for details.



We believe that following Jesus is not something that we are meant to do alone. Life groups are the place to foster the deep relationships of Christian community that help us grow and transform to be more like Jesus. These groups meet at least once a week together to share meals, pray with and for one another, study the Scriptures, and have meaningful discussion of life and what it means to follow Jesus. 

Please email David Louw if you're interested in finding a lifegroup in your neighborhood.


Missional Communities

Missional communities are proximity-based groups that meet monthly in the neighborhoods surrounding our church. It is a place for the Life Groups in that specific area to come together to pray for and seek the renewal of their neighborhood through active outreach and service in the community.

BoCoCa: First Wednesday of each month; email
North Slope: First Thursday of each month at Die Kollner Bierhalle; email
South Slope: First Wednesday of every month at Korzo Restaurant; email